Custom Strainer Products

Replacement Baskets & Screens

We offer all types of screens, baskets, strainers in different alloys for existing and discontinued OEM products.  

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In-Line Mesh Gasket Strainers

Our In-Line Mesh Gasket Strainers are an effective way to protect downstream meters and regulators from weld slag and other debris in the gas stream. Available in full face or ring gaskets. Standard material is Garlock 3000 "non-asbestos" fiber, and also available in Teflon or rubberized material.

Fabricated & Custom Strainer Products

 We can engineer, design and fabricate a strainer to satisfy a specific requirement. The items illustrated below represent only a few of the almost limitless fabricated shapes and sizes of strainers which we can supply.  Click here to fill out a Quote Request Form.  Other product applications include: floor drain strainers, and duplex strainers.

Temporary Cone, Basket, and Flat type Strainers

Conical & Basket strainers are designed to provide protection for expensive pumps, valves, meters and other mechanical equipment from foreign objects. They are installed between flanges and work as a temporary or permanent filtering devices.  Other applications include: Fermentation Strainers, pipeline strainers, valve strainers, screen strainers, tee-strainers, high and low pressure strainers, filter elements, suction strainers, Y strainers, suction/discharge pump strainer, simplex cast strainers, and trench drain strainers.

Dipping & Cleaning Baskets

Wire Cloth/Mesh and perforated dipping and parts cleaning baskets. We manufacture and custom fabricate to any specification, size, shape and material. Designed to fit most standard ultrasonic cleaners, these baskets are good for degreasing, rinsing parts, cleaning, plating, heating, finishing parts and material handling.  Other applications include: basket strainers, cylindrical baskets, slanted baskets, floor sink baskets, and replacement baskets and tubes.  We also offer custom locking drain baskets.

Sediment Baskets

We offer full line of sediment baskets, drain strainers, trench drains, and floor sink drain baskets to provide filtering and debris collection for drain systems.  They are corrosion resistant, and meet U.S. FDA standards.  Please contact us for custom sizes.  We also offer standard sizes in both stainless steel and plastic at our parent website here: