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At Custom Strainers, we engineer, design, and manufacture made-to-order strainers, filter elements, replacement baskets & screens, and drain grates & covers in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and configurations. As specialists in custom strainer manufacturing, we work one-on-one with customers to design the best solution and choose the best material based on the application, flow rate and temperature, the particulates removed, the line size, and other relevant factors. Our products exhibit the highest caliber of quality and we manufacture them in the United States using American made materials.

We produce OEM quality high and low-pressure strainer baskets and tubes including Y-type strainers, cylindrical and slanted baskets, dipping and cleaning baskets, pump filters and many other types using an extensive selection of wire mesh and perforated metals. Options include anti-corrosive materials and finishes, fine micron linings, NPT and ANSI flanged fittings, and many others. Our products are used by a diversity of industries, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas, paper mills, and dozens of others.

Our stainless steel products are suitable for general-purpose corrosion resistance as well as sanitary applications within many industries. We offer titanium strainers for a high level of corrosion resistance, especially in the presence of mineral acids and chlorides. Also available Hastelloy and Monel versions, and both are an excellent choice for items used in severe service conditions. We also manufacture using materials such as brass, zirconium, Garlock 3000, rubberized metals, and more. Along with Halar, PVDF, and Tefzel, and Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), we offer a variety of coatings and finishes such as electropolishing and passivation.

Custom Engineering

We can engineer, design and fabricate a strainer or basket to fit almost any custom application. Most manufacturers don’t do custom work – we do!

Quality Materials

We offer our custom strainers in a wide range of materials including stainless steel, titanium, brass, monel, and hastelloy.  

Quotes and Questions

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3D Printing Capabilities

We now offer 3D Printing. It is perfect for replacing that hard-to-find part or for developing a prototype before going into full production. We can accommodate small run orders and can print in multiple colors and personalize your product with a logo or specific instructions. The possibilities are endless!

About Us

We are a division of Drain-Net Technologies, an industry leader in specialty plumbing products for commercial facilities.  We are a Veteran Owned Business.  Shop all our products at


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